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Receive military Service training while studying for your degree, earn a salary while learning, and graduate with a rewarding job and no HELP debt.

Gain a world-class degree Gain a world-class degree

Gain a world-class degree

Gain a fully funded degree in Arts, Business, Engineering, Science or Computing from UNSW, one of Australia’s top 5 universities.

Graduate with a guaranteed job Graduate with a guaranteed job

Graduate with a guaranteed job

Upon graduation, you’ll walk into an exciting career with the Australian Defence Force. Explore the opportunities.

Earn while you learn Earn while you learn

Earn while you learn

You’ll be paid a salary while studying and have your accommodation on campus subsidised. All your tuition fees and most of your textbooks will be covered, plus you’ll receive free medical and dental care.

Explore Campus


Meet officer cadets and midshipmen and check out where they live, study, train and play.

Campus map Campus map

Campus map

ADFA is located in Canberra, less than five kilometres from the city centre and Canberra International Airport. The campus is set on spacious grounds set in native bushland. Check out the map to get the lay of the land.

Explore ADFA Explore ADFA

Explore ADFA

Join us on a virtual tour of ADFA to see the accommodation, study areas, fitness centres and lifestyle on campus.

Services at your door step Services at your door step

Services at your doorstep

A range of services are located at the heart of the campus, including a bank, dry cleaner, hairdresser and coffee shop. There’s also convenient access to buses, taxis and car parks.

Life at ADFA


Find out how ADFA combines military training with a university lifestyle.

World Class Sporting World Class Sporting

World-class sporting facilites

As you combine study with military training, you’ll get to take full advantage of ADFA’s incredible sporting facilities, from a world-class indoor sports centre complete with gymnasium, heated swimming pool, fitness rooms and sports courts, to 13 hectares of sporting fields.

Welcome to ADFA Welcome to ADFA

Welcome to ADFA

Get a sense of what it’s like to arrive at ADFA and learn the ropes, following the journeys of previous trainee officers in this interactive video.

Life on campus Life on campus

Life on campus

When it’s time to relax, accommodation at ADFA provides everything you need to feel right at home. The rooms are comfortable and private, plus there are common areas including lounges and the Cadets’ Mess complex where you can unwind.

You’ll also get to forge long-lasting friendships, with regular social events on and off campus, plus opportunities to catch up with mates in Canberra to socialise or play sports.



Everything you need to know about the ADFA Open Day

Do I get paid while studying at ADFA?

In your first year you will receive a starting salary of $46,316 plus generous superannuation, which increases with each year of study. You will then be paid a salary package of more than $80,000 per year after you graduate and complete your specific employment training.

What courses do you offer?

At ADFA, you can choose from a degree in Arts, Business, Engineering, Science or Computing from UNSW, one of Australia’s top 5 universities.

Do I have to live at ADFA?

Midshipmen and officer cadets live in accommodation blocks on base while they are attending ADFA. Everyone lives on base during the first six weeks, however, if you are married or in a recognised de facto relationship you may be entitled to rental assistance or a Service residence in a nearby suburb after completing your initial six-week induction period.

Am I covered if I get injured during training?

Yes, all personnel are covered under the Military Compensation Scheme (MCS).

If I start a degree at ADFA, can I change if I don’t like it?

Yes, depending on your circumstances. There are options to change or transfer to a different degree, however, this depends on the job which you have been offered, places available in the course and is subject to Service requirements.

Can I receive credit from my previous study if I transfer to ADFA?

Each application for credit is taken on an individual basis. If an applicant is currently studying or has previously studied a relevant degree with courses that are also offered at UNSW Canberra at ADFA, they are likely to be given credit for these subjects. However, this is only considered and confirmed after applicants have arrived at ADFA.

Applicants need to be aware of and consider the military training requirements of ADFA called the Academy Military Education and Training (AMET) which is a three-year program. The AMET program cannot be condensed, so academic credit will not result in an early completion at ADFA. If applicants receive academic credit and have the capacity to complete their degree early, they will be given the option to undertake a 4th year Honours program (if eligible) or commence postgraduate study. This decision is made in consultation with ADFA and the relevant UNSW School.

Will I get posted overseas during my studies at ADFA?

No, you will not be posted or deployed overseas when studying at ADFA. You may have the opportunity to conduct an exchange (approx. 12 days) to a foreign country; however this is voluntary and based on availability.

What transferable skills will I learn?

All of the skills learnt in your role are transferable to comparable civilian roles. You will gain management skills which are highly valued outside of the ADF and the skills related to your chosen career will be transferable if you do choose to leave the ADF.

How long do ADFA graduates have to stay in the military?

ADFA graduates are required to serve for an Initial Minimum Period of Service (IMPS). This is to ensure the ADF get an acceptable return for investing in their training. Essentially it is a period of time ADF members are required to serve until they can voluntarily resign. The length of IMPS varies between jobs but generally speaking, ADFA members join for between five to 14.5 years depending on your job. At ADFA, Air Force and Army officer cadets can resign at any time within the first two years and Navy midshipmen can resign at any time within the first year without having to meet an IMPS.

When do ADFA Applications close?

Applications for the Australian Defence Force Academy close once all of the positions are filled, so do not delay your application. If you have any questions, please contact your local Defence Force Recruiting Centre.

I have submitted my application, when will I hear back?

When you complete your application you will receive an email outlining the expected timeframes for when you will hear if you have been successfully shortlisted. This is typically around one week from the time of your application but can take up to four weeks during peak application periods.



At ADFA, you’ll get a fully funded UNSW degree, earn a salary while you study and walk straight into an exciting role upon graduating - all while learning to lead.

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